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What makes the perfect sun hat for women?

What makes the perfect sun hat for women?

Investing in a great sun hat is one of the best additions to your wardrobe. As well as the enjoyment of having a fantastic sun hat, the skin health benefits cannot be underestimated. It will provide you with you many years of use and protect your face, neck and ears from hundreds of hours of direct UV radiation. Around 90% of skin aging is due to sun overexposure. 

There are a number of factors to consider when buying a sun hat.  

Sizing - Everyone's head is a different shape and size. Before you order a hat online make sure that you have measured your head correctly and that you have compared that to the size chart provided. Helpfully some hat styles come in “one size” which in all likelihood means that there is a way of adjusting the size to suit your needs.

Coverage - If you are keen to make sure that your hat serves the practical purpose of protecting your skin from harmful UV radiation, make sure the sun hat you choose has a wide brim. The Cancer Council in Australia recommends that for a sun hat to provide excellent sun protection the brim length should be at least 7.5cm for adults.

Portability - Having a hat which is lightweight and crushable means that it is easy to carry around or to store in a bag. This means you will not be concerned about the additional weight of the hat when travelling or the hat being bent out of shape by other objects when packed.

Price - It’s worth investing in a great hat as it will last many years, you will get lots of enjoyment out of it and it will protect your skin from the sun. You should be able to buy a fantastic hat which has the qualities outlined in this blog for a price between $50 and $100.

Durability - A hat made from high quality fabrics and attention to detail craftsmanship will last a lot longer. Choose a hat which has received positive customer reviews in relation to quality of materials and stitching.

Comfort - You will want to wear this hat for many hours. Make sure that it is comfortable to wear. Many hats look great, but when it comes to how they feel on the head they fall down. 

Versatility - You might be buying a sun hat for a specific purpose, like going to watch the horse racing or a friend’s wedding. When buying a women’s everyday sun hat, you want one that suits different occasions. A sun hat that wouldn’t look out of place when you go to a Sunday afternoon barbecue or pop out to pick up a coffee from around the corner. 

Sun Protective Rating - It’s important to know that not all fabrics protect the same from the sun. Specialist sun protective brands offer sun hats where the fabrics have been tested in advance by an accredited body. The hat will have a UPF rating which is a sun protective rating. The maximum sun protective rating in Australia is UPF50+ which means that at least 98% of UV radiation is blocked.

Solbari Sun Protection offers a range of UPF50+ sun protective hats for women. Solbari is an award-winning Australian sun protection brand with customers in over 90 countries.

You can find out more about Solbari's sun protective range by clicking the blue links below:

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