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Solbari Sun Protection fabrics are tested and accredited UPF 50+ by the Australian Government

Solbari Blog: Solbari Sun Protection fabrics are tested and accredited UPF 50+ by the Australian Government

From inception, Solbari has worked with ARPANSA, the Australian Government agency responsible for UPF testing and rating. UPF stands for ultraviolet protection factor and is the global standard for sun protective fabrics.

Australia is the global leader in terms of UPF 50+ sun protective clothing

The Australian Government formalised the UPF fabric testing regime in the 1990s. Other countries followed suit, but Australia remains the global leader in UPF sun protective clothing, skin cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

UPF 50+ is the highest sun protective rating in the World. UPF 50+ means that only up to 2% or 1/50th of UV radiation can penetrate the fabric.

Johanna Young, Founder of Solbari Sun Protection commented “it is of paramount importance for us as Australia’s leading specialist UPF 50+ sun protective clothing brand for our clothing to be accredited with the highest achievable UPF rating”.

She added, “our community place a lot of trust in us to make sure our fabrics are rigorously and independently tested for their sun protective attributes”

Solbari Sun Protection is the leading specialist Australian sun protection clothing brand with customers in over 70 countries. Solbari sun protective range includes UPF 50+ clothing, UV arm sleeves, broad brim sun hats and sun umbrellas.

You can find out more about Solbari's certified UPF50+ sun protective range by clicking the blue links below:

Women UPF 50+
Men UPF 50+
Sun Hats UPF 50+
Accessories UPF 50+

The Solbari Team
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