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Why did we decide to launch a skin check app with SkinVision and why now?

Why did we decide to launch a skin check app with SkinVision and why now?

Since inception, our vision has been a world without skin cancer.

Prevention is key to reducing skin cancer which is why we have focused our efforts on skin health education and offering a range of UPF 50+ sun protective clothing and accessories. Given that over 90% of skin cancers are due to sun over exposure, prevention measures can go a long way. 

We understand that getting an appointment with a dermatologist or skin doctor can be challenging and expensive. Waiting times can extend to months, particularly in remote locations where accessibility can be a real challenge. With the onset of COVID-19, the challenge of access has only become a bigger issue. 

We decided it would be great to bring the best early skin cancer detection technology direct to the Solbari global community. So, we did extensive research and concluded that we should partner with SkinVision, an award-winning healthcare technology company headquartered in Amsterdam. Importantly, like us, SkinVision share our singular vision of a world without skin cancer.

SkinVision's proven technology is being used by over 1 million people around the world and has detected over 40,000 high risk skin lesions to date. The algorithm which powers the SkinVision technology has been found in independent research studies to have a 95% accuracy rate of detecting high risk lesions comparing positively to Dermatologist and General Practitioners. 

Importantly, the technology is deployed via an easy to use smartphone app which allows people to take photos of their own skin in the privacy of their own homes and allows you to instantly receive a risk rating there and then. The App promotes self-checking, is readily accessible and affordable which is why we believe it is a game changer.

You can purchase a Solbari branded version of the SkinVision App for AUD$69.00 giving you unlimited use of the technology for 12 months. Click here.

We want to emphasise that the SkinVision technology does not reduce the importance of getting a suspicious lesion checked by a medical expert. We see the SkinVision technology as an early detection tool to help you to know your skin better and very much a precursor to an in-person skin check followed and biopsy evaluation if required.

The Solbari Team
This blog is for information purposes only, always consult with a medical professional for expert advice.

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